5 Reasons to Give Online

Giving online is our favorite way to change the world through the CFC. The CFC Online Giving System allows you to easily renew your pledge each year and offers the full range of pledge options! The online system is:


Select from all available payment methods in addition to payroll deduction – like credit card or e‑check – and give to an unlimited number of charities online.


Renew each year with the click of a button once you’ve set up your initial pledge. Shorten the processing time for your pledge to have it show up sooner on your unit report.


Change your recurring pledge (credit, payroll or annuity) up until the last day of the campaign solicitation period.


Take comfort knowing that the online pledge portal meets all federal security standards. Your personal information is not exposed, and the CFC securely links to all payroll service providers.


Reduce paper waste and help the environment by submitting your pledge online.


Download the CFC Online Giving System User's Guide to get started.