Cause of the Week: Arts & Humanities

Libraries; Social Sciences / Cultural Studies; Preservation (Historical, Landmark, Cultural); Media (Public Broadcasting); Museums (Art, History, Children’s); Performing Arts; International Exchange 

Throughout history, humans have explored our identity through our creative pursuits: film, painting, dance, poetry, music, literature, sculpture, photography, and more. The arts help communities understand their own history and preserve their culture for future generations.  

Arts and humanities broaden our experience and enrich our lives. Studying arts and humanities teaches young people to think creatively and critically, preparing them to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  

$36 translates photo captions to honor and remember Holocaust survivors. Here’s how your CFC donations help to change the world through arts and humanities: 

  • $36 translates photo captions to honor and remember Holocaust survivors. 

  • $50 equips a teacher with resources to educate 150 students about major historical events. 

  • $188 boosts a child's confidence through 12 weeks of professional voice, dance, or acting training. 

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