Cause of the Week: Children & Family Support

Youth Development; Adoption; Foster Care; Single Parent Services; Counseling (Child, Family, Couple); Family Shelters; Child Care; Family Caregivers; Military Spouses / Children; Intervention Services; Human Trafficking 

The old adage is true: it really does take a community to raise a child. CFC charities connect children with mentors, organize community sports programs, offer after-school tutoring, provide counseling services, implement summer camps, and distribute nutritious food. Awareness programs and educational resources can help youths recognize the dangers in drugs, seek help in violent situations, obtain early job training, and access basic necessities that aren’t always available at home. Hopefully, this critical support intervenes before children can be exploited or trafficked, but charities stand ready to assist even in those horrific circumstances. 

$150 trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma. Here’s how your CFC donations help to change the world through children and family support: 

  • $50 wraps warm, cozy blankets around 10 children displaced by conflict. 

  • $150 trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma. 

  • $260 provides a princess makeover for a critically ill little girl. 

Are you interested in hearing from some charities working in children and family support? Watch charity videos. Read charity stories

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