Cause of the Week: Medical Research

Disease Prevention, Treatment & Eradication; Vaccine Development; Cancer Treatment; Pediatric Cancer; Diabetes; Heart Disease; Degenerative Diseases; Auto Immune Diseases; Blood Disorders 

The well-being of people in all corners of the world relies upon the dedicated work of laboratories and researchers, often funded by nonprofit organizations and donations by individuals. Many CFC charities support medical research to help find cures for rare diseases and chronic conditions and prepare for the next pandemic. These charities act as liaisons between labs, scientists, governments, and communities – identifying new viruses, helping patients, funding trials, publishing results, and distributing drugs so the public can have equitable access to the latest healthcare options. In fact, due to this research today there are over 17 million cancer survivors, the most in history.  

$240 sponsors a lab scientist for one day of disease-specific research. Here’s how your CFC donations help to change the world in the field of medical research: 

  • $100 prints 400 guides to teach caregivers how to protect children from skin cancer. 

  • $200 funds 2 hours of research to accelerate a cure for brain cancer. 

  • $240 sponsors a lab scientist for one day of disease-specific research. 

Are you interested in hearing from some charities working in medical research? Watch charity videos. Read charity stories. 

If medical research is your cause, show your support by downloading the Medical Research Cause Badge and using it in your email signature and social media.