A CFC Donor With Dual Passions - Transcript

A CFC Donor with Dual Passions - a Federal Employee Testimonial[Text on Screen: A CFC Donor with Dual Passions - A Federal Employee Testimonial]

[Text on Screen: Supporting Community Responders]

In 2004, on a cold evening night in January, my daughter and I were driving home.

As we approached the bottom of the hill, all of a sudden,

this car came straight at us and crashed right into us.

I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Both of us were pinned in the car.

It was the scariest thing I'd ever experienced. 

Within minutes we heard a siren. From down the hill came a little ambulance.

Not until later did I find out this was our community-based rescue squad 

that devotes their time to rescuing people.

In your community, you have a group just like this.

In order to keep them vital and viable - we have to support them.

And this is what community is all about.

[Text on screen: Supporting a Lifelong Passion for Music and the Arts]

Music is very special and dear to me and has always been throughout my life.

So, I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kind of like the young wunderkind, 

I made my debut with the Honolulu Symphony when I was 8 years old. 

When I graduated from high school in Honolulu, I flew up to New York City, 

went to the Julliard School, auditioned, and was accepted as a scholarship student, 

and then I started concertizing. And even as a practicing attorney by day,

I come back and play my piano every day. 

When I am working on a piece, I can play for my giraffe. I can play for my rhinoceros.

If I'm feeling blue, I'll look over at one of my animals and they'll lift my spirits. 

I have my animal family with me. 

[Text on Screen: How Can You Support Your Passions?]

If you are a Federal employee, you can easily give to organizations

like the rescue squad through your own workplace.

The CFC - Combined Federal Campaign - is the largest workplace giving vehicle in the Federal government. 

And you can choose to give to as many organizations as you wish all at once.

It's wonderful. This is what CFC is all about.


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