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Carl Glusick

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What is the charitable cause you are most passionate about and why?

During my first years as a Federal Employee, I donated to Cancer related charities due to knowing several people, including family, who have impacted by the disease. Since 2011 I have donated to military/veteran support organizations. I have always considered myself a supporter of the military. In 2011 I was asked to volunteer my time in support of Skyball which is a fundraiser for the Airpower Foundation. The Foundation has raised millions of dollars over the last 20 years and has given grants in support of Veteran Service Animals, scholarships and so much more. In the last decade plus I have witnessed some amazing things and met some phenomenal people including Medal of Honor Recipients and Veterans who were on duty at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. These snippets, as I call them, have not only increased my support of the military but has given me a true appreciation of how lucky we are to live in this country. It only made sense to put my money where my mouth is; in addition to donating my time I wanted to be able to donate my resources to those that wear the cloth of our nation.

Why do you give through the CFC?

I like the idea that the charities listed in the CFC Catalog are vetted. I like the idea of donating a little bit out of each paycheck. You really don't miss it. I have been fortunate enough to how donations of time and money make a direct positive impact. At the risk of sounding selfish the CFC makes it very easy for me to be "lazy" (Lol!) and still make a positive impact!

How do contributions through the CFC help your cause?

Knowing that veterans and military families are getting resources that they more than deserve is very comforting!