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Domonic Gaccetta

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What is the charitable cause you are most passionate about and why?

Wild animal sanctuary ( I have always felt strongly about helping those that are unable to help themselves, the things that humans have done to animals is absurd. The wild animal sanctuary in Keansburg Colorado is doing an amazing job of taking animals that should not be in captivity and giving them their lives back. Due to human interference these animals are not fit to be returned to the wild. The sanctuary allows them to live out their lives in massive enclosures with other animals from similar situations. They have an incredible elevated platform to view the animals from while not being a threat to the animals. The stroies will pull at yoour heartstrings but seeing the animals playing and living their best life makes this cause one that I will forever be behind.

Why do you give through the CFC?

The CFC makes it easy to give. I can set it up and not have to think about it for the rest of the year.

How do contributions through the CFC help your cause?

Taking care of large animals and providing them the space they need is an expensive endeavor. My contributions make sure that the animals continue to have a place to call home and that the sanctuary can continue to step in and care for animals .