About Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary operates with an “Animals Come First” attitude.

Wild Spirit teaches the public about the humane treatment of wild animals, about the relationships between people and other life through respectful, compassionate co-existence, and about humanity’s important role as having the choice to be a part of the change needed to see ecosystems heal and thrive.

Because wolves, wolfdogs, and other wild canids are less successful living in domestic homes, people who purchase or breed these animals often find themselves needing to rehome them. Unfortunately, for some, life turns into a locked cage or limited existence on a chain outside; they are often isolated, abused, or neglected. Furthermore, for the wolves and wolfdogs who are unable to find sanctuary, death by euthanasia or shooting is common. In fact, wolfdogs are sentenced to death when discovered as pets in states where it is illegal to own one.

Our rescues are not adoptable. They do not legally qualify for rehabilitation or release into the wild either, as they are too acclimated to people and reliant for resources such as food. Care is customized to each animal’s needs, desires, personality, and health.

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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
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Rescue Denahi howling
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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary