Alma's story


Twenty years ago, Alma and her family turned to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, seeking help in finding a stable home. They needed help with much more; Alma and her husband were struggling with substance abuse as well.

The Coalition offered more than just housing. While skeptical at first, Alma met regularly with her counselor. Over the months, Alma began to have hope, a belief that her family could have a brighter future. Little by little, life improved; the family maintained stability.

Alma completed her GED and got a better job, then moved out of subsidized housing. Alma continued to grow and learn, completing college and graduate school to become a psychotherapist. Today she works for a local nonprofit that helps young people who are working to leave gang life.

She proudly refers to herself as a “hood healer and hope dealer.”

Every person who experiences homelessness does so in a different way, and each one needs a different complement of housing and services. The Coalition’s comprehensive program of integrated housing, healthcare and supportive services provides the resources and supports that people need to overcome their obstacles to homelessness.

Your gift today to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will provide the help and resources that people like Alma and her family needed to achieve stable lives.

Alma says, “The Coalition gave me what I needed to ground myself so I could begin thinking about a different future for us; a better life.”

Please give today to provide homes, health, and hope.

With warmest thanks.

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Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
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Alma and her family make it home
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Susannah McCleod, McCleod 9 Creative