America's Best Charities Thanks YOU!

A Hand Up

To date, America's Best Charities (ABC) has provided support to over a thousand charitable organizations that are providing much needed programs here in the US and across the globe. We are seeing our partners succeed with a wide array of services, many providing life saving programs. Eradicating hunger. Supporting children and families in need with food and shelter. Giving a hand up to fight poverty. Supporting cancer patients and funding medical research to find preventative medicine and cures. Strengthening communities with education, women's services and health care. Your support of ABC is changing lives and making a positive impact in so many important and uplifting ways! We succeed, our partners succeed, and the world is a better place, because of you and your incredible generosity.

With your support through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) our partners are enriched and better equipped to succeed year round. We do not have the words to document the many, many success stories you enable, but you may visit our website to get a better understanding of the many ways your support is put to work.

Your generous collaboration and gifts through the CFC allows us to succeed in saving, supporting and sustaining so many! THANK YOU!

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Planting the Seed for Success
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