Anna and Garrett's Story

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Anna shows the power that a permanent home has on the health of an individual. She experienced homelessness for over 20 years while also dealing with the threat of violence from her daughter’s father. Two years ago, she engaged with outreach workers who eventually helped her obtain an apartment. The security of a home gave her the stability to overcome her addiction and empowered her to maintain her sobriety.

Garrett is a prominent member of CFH’s Consumer Advisory Board and the recipient of an advocacy award last year. Garrett was able to obtain housing many years ago after going through the shelter system. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure the stability of a home allowed him to “take his health more seriously” and he started going to the doctor on a regular basis. Recently, he had some health complications, but he is on a new course of action and is happy to report that his health is improving and is looking forward to continuing his work to “help others that are still out there”.

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Care For the Homeless
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Care For the Homeless