Assisting Those Who Need Help The Most

A Helping Hand for Those In Need

We feel blessed to do the work we do. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing the communities we serve will have clothes, food and marketable skills that will transform their life and allow them to have a sustainable career for themselves and their family. This will also allow them to live in a safe environment.
We cannot do this alone. Costs for basic needs increase yearly. Many companies implemented price gauging during the Covid pandemic and costs have increased for processing donations, storing and delivering them. We are relying on the community to support our work. We are relying on you!
Here is an example of how we helped a woman in need
Late in the afternoon, the day before Thanksgiving, Look Up Lift Up received a call to provide household items to help a family that was previously unhoused and had received housing that day. The mother was a victim of domestic violence and had 2 small children. She was living in a shelter and received a call that she was approved for permanent housing. The family had nothing. Look Up Lift Up rushed to the store to purchase towels, sheet sets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and comforters. While at the store we received another call that the children were coughing and needed cough medicine. We did not hesitate to stop at another store to purchase cough medicine for the children.
This is just one example of the compassion we show to those in our community.
Another example of helping a family in need
Lacy had been struggling for several years – her only source of income is public assistance for her and her three children (one is a 6-month-old baby girl). Public assistance does not consider clothes a basic need and does not provide income to cover clothing costs.
She has two daughters and cannot do what all mothers like to do - dress up their little girls in pretty clothes. Her teenage son is at the point in his life when teenagers are viewed harshly by their peers regarding their appearance, especially clothing.
But sometimes Lacy receives her public assistance payments late and she doesn’t always have enough money to buy food and household goods.
She has low self-esteem and rarely goes out of the house because she has no clothes to wear and she does not feel good about herself. She feels like she has failed her children.
She contacted Look Up Lift Up and generous friends like you intervened – helping Look Up Lift Up provide her with 5 huge bags of clothes for her entire family!
Now, Lacy has clothes – a basic need for her and her family. She cried when she received the clothing donations. But many families are still in need of basic supplies. We are working tirelessly to find solutions to make sure families like Lacy have basic needs to live day-to-day to help them gain access to a better life and survive in today’s economy. Make a donation now to help up provide hope to adults who need assistance the most.
Won’t you please help us today to continue to help those most in need. Donate today. We appreciate your support!
Without your contribution we cannot deliver clothes, and food to women in desperate situations and provide training to unemployed adults.
Donate today!
The Community Response
“Please know how much we appreciate your support and generosity.”
“Thank you for the referrals.”
“Thank you so much for your generosity!”
“We sincerely appreciate your contribution to making this endeavor a meaningful and successful one for our students!”
“We appreciate your work to help students with virtual learning through technology.”
“Thank you so much for your gift.”
“I want to take this time out to humbly thank you for blessing my family this holiday season. With so much going on in the world, it’s such an encouragement to know there is a great support system and great people still in the world. I cannot thank you guys enough for every effort put into helping me. Please take care and be blessed.”
“Thanks, again, for your support. I know our families appreciate it.”
And this is what our donors say:
I’m glad to donate every month.
I respect your mission.
Let me know what you need.
How can I help?
We love your mission!
Thank you for the work you do.
You are a blessing!
We love what you are doing.
We need more organizations like yours.
Please, donate today. Thank you!

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Helping Those in Need
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