Beagle Rescue

Looking to a Happy Future

Spokane Humane Society Beagles! They were part of the Envigo 4ooo and Spokane Humane Society was happy to step up and take 25 of these adorable beagle puppies to care for and find homes. SHS staff traveled to Portland to picked them up in our shuttle and though it was a long trip, it was worth every mile to bring them to safety, knowing their new families would be excited and waiting to adopt them. SHS arranged foster homes and much needed medical care as well as all required adoption prep for each one. Adoption prep means each one was spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and received a comprehensive health exam. They were ready to go! Each puppy is now adopted and happy and wiggly and properly snuggled in their new homes where they receive the best care, and their past is forever gone.

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Spokane Humane Society
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Beagle Rescue
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Jess Varda Lucky Wishbone Photography