Bonnie Blue Eyes - How could we say no??

Bonnie - How could we say no?

How could we say, “no?”

My team came to me to share with me the story of a pup who had suffered severe abuse. They wanted San Antonio Pets Alive! to step in to save her life. As difficult as it is to see and hear about cases of neglect, pain, and sadness when animals are pulled into our care, we are grateful that we can be there for them, in their time of need.

I knew, and SAPA!’s lifesaving team knew, you’d help us cover her medical expenses, so she has a chance to live the life she deserves and was meant to live.

Tragically, many animals in and around our communities are mercilessly abused, discarded, and dumped – left to die or fend for themselves. It’s our busiest time of year right now, and Bonnie Blue Eyes is our newest little fighter.

Bonnie was found outside in this stifling heat with her mouth BOUND SHUT! Her nose and mouth are pale and swollen from the lack of blood flow. She’s missing hair and has scarring and blood from the tightly bound material. She also arrived into our care urine stained and covered in dirt and feces.

Obviously, she wasn’t in this state for just a matter of hours, and it wasn’t an accident. Aged at about five-months-old and weighing in at only SIX pounds, a monster left her to die miserably. She couldn’t drink, eat, pant, clean herself, or breathe properly in that horrific situation. Underneath all her fur is skin and bones.
As soon as she was in our care, we took her to an emergency veterinary clinic that provides 24-hour care for a lifesaving blood transfusion and around-the-clock monitoring. She is lethargic and too weak to walk, but still manages to be in good spirits- wagging her tail and lifting her head up, knowing that she is now being helped and cared for. Bonnie will need round-the-clock monitoring for a couple of days and nights while her body comes back from this inconceivable amount of suffering.

After the abuse this little pup endured, she deserves the chance to live a wonderful, healthy, and safe life, and be cherished as a member of the family.

**UPDATE: Bonnie beat all odds and is now a healthy, happy, and smart little pup who was adopted by her loving foster family.

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Blue Eyed Bonnie
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