A Brigther Future for Annie's Family

Breaking Ground on a Brighter Future

Annie’s daughters were just five and seven when Annie moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Whidbey Island. Annie was struggling financially and felt she “couldn’t keep up with life.” She was evicted from her apartment and realized she “had to give in” and accept help from her family, who were already living on Whidbey Island.

For the past 12 years Annie and her daughters have lived in a small, one-bedroom auxiliary unit on property owned by Annie’s parents. While having family support nearby has been crucial to allowing Annie to work and advance in her career in home health, the small home is insufficient for the family. In addition to being run down, there are no closets, the only heat comes from a wood stove, and there have been issues with rats and bats getting into the home. “I want my girls to have their own space,” says Annie, “so I sleep on the sofa and Simone (17) and Camile (19) share the one small bedroom.”

About two years ago, Annie learned about Habitat for Humanity. “I’ve watched as family and friends have become homeowners, but it always felt so out of reach for my family,” shared Annie. “When I learned about Habitat, I felt that the homebuyer program was perfect for me,” she said. “Even though I didn’t qualify the first time I applied because I had some outstanding medical debt, I didn’t give up.” Annie got to work paying off that debt and, the next time the opportunity presented itself, she was ready.

On June 6, 2022, Annie and five other Island County families learned they’d been accepted into the Homebuyer program, and on August 8, 2022 Annie and her daughters broke ground on their new three-bedroom, one bath home in Oak Harbor. Early next year Annie will purchase her home with an affordable mortgage that is 30% or less of her income. And, she won’t have to make the 40-mile drive to and from work anymore because her new home is just a few miles from her job.

“I want to have a home that my kids can always come home to. With this opportunity, I feel like I have that,” shared Annie.

Your support, through the Combined Federal Campaign, makes it possible for Annie, and other workforce families, to gain the peace of mind that comes with owning your own home.

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Habitat for Humanity of Island County
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Annie and her daughters break ground on their Habitat Home
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Habitat for Humanity of Island County