Catholic Community Service is working hard to better the lives of families, children, and seniors like Jules.

Preparing meals for Southeast Alaskan seniors

Jules, a 75-year-old long-time Juneau resident, was referred to Southeast Senior Services for case management as she was experiencing increased memory issues and a gradual decline in her physical health. During home visitations with her case manager, Jules, and her daughter, discussed the benefits and challenges of living alone. Jules became registered for Meals on Wheels (another Catholic Community Service program), which helped her independence since they provided a nutritious meal and a daily check-in. In the beginning, in-home services were frequently canceled due to confusion and feeling suspicious toward strangers. Eventually, Jules accepted and appreciated the services with ongoing reminders and encouragement from her case manager.
Over time, Jules began contacting her case manager several times a day for reassurance when she exhibited confusion and anxiety. As her ability to live safely on her own declined, discussions began about moving to an assisted living facility for a higher quality of life. It was a long journey, but with her case manager's help, paperwork was completed for the Pioneer Home, where she now safely and happily resides. Today, Jules is thriving, and she is receiving assistance with self-care and also benefits from socialization in a safe, nurturing environment. When you donate to Catholic Community Service, you are seeding seniors and their caregivers' ability to find the support necessary to live as safely and independently as possible.

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Catholic Community Service, Inc.
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Last year, Catholic Community Service prepared 141,218 meals for seniors across our ten different senior centers.
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