Child Care Counts Fills the Gaps for Local, Low-Income Families

Children Deserve Safe, Quality Care

At Child Care Counts we work with many families who struggle to get to a more stable place in life. Whether it's getting and keeping a great job or pursuing a college degree that will lead to upward mobility, we are here to support them in their quest. First and foremost, we provide financial assistance for child care costs at a state licensed provider while parents work and/or attend school. We don't stop there, however. We also require parents to sit with an independent certified financial planner every year they are in our program, so they can learn ways to save, budget and pay down their debt. We also provide access to on-line parenting classes. All of these help to lesson the stress that low-income families deal with every day so they can focus on making sure their family is safe and moving in an upward direction.

Here is one story, from the mom of one of our families:
As a recipient of Child Care Counts, I couldn't be anymore grateful for their contributions to helping lighten my financial burden when it comes to my child's care expenses. As a first generation parent in college I have faced many challenges and have had to make many adjustments to my life. When I first found out about Child Care Counts I was amazed by the services they provide and how they care to give your child the chance to experience quality child care. Being a latina mother in college I have faced many doubts from my family that I won’t graduate with my bachelors degree. Child Care Counts not only provides the financial assistance for your child care expenses but they help you understand your finances and don’t judge you. Due to being a full time college student in a program that requires a lot of my time, I had to sacrifice something which was becoming a part time employee which affected my income tremendously. My partner is the sole income of our household and with the inflation of prices around the country rising so did our household expenses. Child Care Counts has allowed us to still pursue our educational/career goals, work towards self sufficiency, lower our credit debt and provide our daughter with quality child care to prepare her for her own successful future.

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