Clean Water for Families and Students in Haiti

Clean water for communities

40-year-old Asmène Moïse was born and raised in Gris-Gris, one of Hope for Haiti’s partner communities. Asmène has a small business; her husband, Mr. Orima Pradot, is a carpenter. Together, they work to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their five children. Before receiving a water filtration system from Hope for Haiti, Asmène and her family were using aqua-tabs to filter their water. Now, they just use the filtration system for both drinking and for washing their hands. Asmène reported that she used to collect water twice a day, about 160 liters per day (eight buckets of 20 liters). Now with the Sawyer filtration system they have easy access to clean water to drink, cook and wash hands, she reported that her family feels safer and is healthier because the system helps protect them against microbes. Her family thinks that the Clean Water program at Hope for Haiti is very important for the family and due to the program, Asmène has been able to work harder and save money little by little to achieve her dream of growing her business and expanding her house.

Charity Name
Hope for Haiti
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Hope for Haiti/Nadia Todres