Community Share's Member: Ohio Access to Justice Foundation Success Story

Molly a single working mom, was temporarily unable to work at her daycare hob when the statewide stay-at-home order was issued. When the order ended, she was allowed to return to her essential job, but she couldn't find childcare for her own, young child who she was no allowed to bring to the daycare at which she worked. Because she didn’t have childcare, Molly was unable to return to work and he unemployment assistance was discontinued.
Molly reached our to legal aid through a Virtual Advice Clinic. Legal aid helped Molly appeal the decision based on the expanded eligibility created by the CARES Act. Molly was grant unemployment benefits, including the additional $600 a week. Molly is now able to take care of her child and plans to return to her position when childcare is available again.

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Community Shares of Mid Ohio
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How Ohio Access to Justice Foundation helped Molly during the challenging times of COVID
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Ohio Access to Justice Foundation