Congratulations to Bob and Tim!

Bob with his completion certificate

Congratulations to Bob and Tim! After working very hard for three years with his wonderful tutor, Tim, Bob completed the entire 12-book Wilson Reading System. He came into the program in 2019 struggling with his reading and writing, and he graduated this summer with an understanding of advanced concepts in the English language. That is a huge and rare accomplishment. But even more important, Bob now has the skills and experience to become an Adult Literacy tutor!

Our students know better than anyone else what it takes to do this work and how important it is to have a partner on that journey. They have been an amazing team and an inspiration to us all.

The Adult Literacy program teaches reading, writing, spelling, and math to adults who read at or below a basic skills level. This program serves approximately 50 students per year. Students come to Literacy Together because they want to improve job prospects, help their children in school, enroll in a High School Equivalency Program, and better navigate the world around them.

Although English is their native language, Adult Literacy students struggle with recognizing individual sounds, written words, and comprehending a sentence or longer passage. They comprise a diverse group in terms of educational background, socioeconomic status, personal goals, and learning styles. Many are challenged by learning differences such as dyslexia. All Adult Literacy students courageously take the step to give reading another chance.

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