Courageous Warrior life saved at AWA

Courageous Warrior before and after photo

Courageous Warrior found himself trapped in a cage. Fortunately, an area caregiver of a feral cat colony set the trap. She was trapping to bring cats for spaying or neutering at the AWA Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) MASH event. Courageous Warrior didn’t know it, but his luck had just changed for the better. It was obvious to Dr. Emily that he wasn’t feral, most likely dumped in the area by his owner. Releasing an indoor house cat outside to fend for himself is a cruel and dangerous choice, especially in an area where a feral colony is established.
Cats are territorial animals and will fight those who trespass into their area. Courageous Warrior most likely encountered a feral male cat and a ferocious battle ensued. His injuries indicate that he was on the losing end of that fight. He suffered severe puncture wounds to his neck and his front leg. No doubt being found in that trap saved his life.
AWA’s recent (TNR) MASH event not only helped save Courageous Warrior’s life, but these events aid feral cat caregivers in the area. With access to lower cost spay/neuter services unwanted pregnancies are reduced and the cats stay healthier through vaccines administered.

Charity Name
Animal Welfare Association Incorporated
Photo Caption
CW with Dr. Emily (left) and Dr. Scott (right)
Photo Credit
Tracy LaForge