Culinary Program Graduate Story

End Hunger Culinary Program

Meet Claire
- When I heard the Restaurant Manager say, "Please don't hesitate to apply!", I knew new doors were opening for me.
Before the End Hunger Culinary Training Program, I volunteered in food service but had not been able to pursue a career because of challenges that have come with my disability, I heard about the Culinary Training Program, I became interested in the possibility of finally getting a full-time job.
Before this program I lacked confidence in working in the kitchen. However, throughout my time in class, thanks to one-on-one coaching and hands-on interaction, my confidence grew.
I enjoyed making apple turnovers, pico de gallo, and homemade pizza along with many other great foods like chicken
noodle soup and Asian dumplings.
I admit the class was not easy for me, but I put in the time to study and kept a positive attitude. I chose to persevere through challenging lessons and encouraged my classmates to do the same. I graduated with my ServSafe Food Handler Certification which will give me an advantage as I apply to jobs in
food service. I am also looking forward to staying connected through the new Culinary Training Alumni program, where I can continue growing the skills I learned in class.
I know this is just the beginning and that the Culinary Program will continue walking this journey alongside me.

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End Hunger In Calvert County
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End Hunger Culinary Program
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End Hunger In Calvert County