Cultivating Space for Leadership Development (or) Timing is Everything

Character Capstone Seminars

Meet SLG alumna Claire. Six months pregnant, with a toddler at home and a looming career decision, Claire was looking for something to help her reflect on her leadership experiences, connect with like-minded leaders, and explore how to translate her values and skills to a future career outside of the military.

Her years in the Navy and her first year as a mother prepared her for many things, but the impacts on her family for the looming transition from the military required her to find space to grow as a leader. With a fully paid fellowship from generous donors like you, she started participating in the Severn Leadership Group (SLG) Fellows Program when she was 6 months pregnant and had her baby a few days before the 6th session.

“The virtual format for SLG helped me seamlessly fit the program into our busy family life! I put my toddler to bed minutes before dialing in to each session, and once Baby arrived, it was easy to continue attending from home while still recovering and bonding with him!”

“SLG opened my eyes to how many leaders in my community are looking for opportunities to cultivate their leadership abilities. No matter what stage of their career or season of life, leaders want to center their leadership style in values, share what they have learned from their journeys, develop young leaders, and continuously reflect about themselves and how they impact those they work and live with.”

“As a working mother, SLG allowed me to remain connected to my professional life and to continue developing myself as a leader, without having to go back to work too quickly! Participating in SLG, especially after the baby was born, made me incredibly appreciative of the timing of everything. Not only was I able to truly focus on the newborn stages of bonding and motherhood, but I was able to take breaks and focus my mind on who I was becoming as a leader. “Parent” is truly another word for leader. “Parenting” is not authoritarian or dictatorial (unless you want to be wildly unsuccessful!), it is intentional, respectful and a constant learning process.”

Claire says: “Of the SLG Virtues, today I am driven strongly by truth. When discussing truth, we sometimes define this virtue as the willingness to stand up for what is right, speak up when something is wrong and the challenges that can pose. But I also want to be truthful with myself about my strengths and skills, so I can be intentional about the best steps for me in this next iteration of my leadership, both professionally and personally.

Within our family discussions, truth has played a huge role recently also. My husband and I have established a habit of communicating about our futures. We now openly discuss all possible paths for our lives, including the seemingly outlandish versus the more “practical”, and the benefits and drawbacks to pursuing any of them together.”
When is the best time for leadership development? For Claire this was her season. “Becoming a mother–whether it is for the first time or the 5th–is transformative, and SLG’s curriculum allows you to explore your leadership journey from a transformative lens.”

Our current societal climate signals a desperate need for leaders motivated by selflessness and integrity. SLG Fellows and Mentors Programs and the SLG Network cultivate the difference makers required to solve our world’s complex problems.

SLG’s holistic approach fosters leaders and followers committed to solving problems through the practical application of character-driven leadership. Our leadership development experience is not just informational; it is transformational: exemplifying the virtuous behaviors of love, integrity, truth, and excellence build healthy relationships and catalyze high performing teams and organizations.

The best leaders are passionate about cultivating emerging leaders, improving their emotional intelligence, and sustaining teams to accomplish any mission. These leaders are in a perpetual state of preparation and embrace inevitable changes that come their way.

Outstanding leaders create a positive path forward for us all. You can be the Face of Change in leadership. Your contribution today will help others like Claire further cultivate their character as a leader and create exponentially better leaders for our world.

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