Education brings transformation

A thriving student

Children from all communities and walks of life have the capacity to succeed, but they often lack the opportunity, access and nurture needed to overcome the poverty that they were born into. When they are provided the proper resources, you see them grow and flourish. Dipti, a young girl living in the brutal slums of Mumbai faces poverty of both body and mind. Food is often scarce and so is attention and care for this 8-year-old. At school she was weak in studies and with no help at home, her interest tapered. Her fate seemed sealed. By chance she wandered into our education and feeding program, located on the edge of the slum. When she walked into our centre the teachers knew she would require up-close attention. At the India Partners education centre the children are provided supplementary education to help them grasp the concepts at a level they can understand and cope with. The learning process is designed to help them grasp the theories and concepts taught to them in their schools. The centre also works on the social development of the child through various activities, stories and life skill classes. Slowly Dipti started picking up the concepts and with motivation from her teachers started doing well. During one of the value-education classes she learned the importance of being punctual and she adapted this to when she went to school or when she came to the coaching class. She enjoys the meals served at the centre and her health has started improving. She is now a confident child who doesn’t hesitate to speak up. Her overall growth has been tremendous. Your gifts help provide education for children that don’t have others to care for them. You are their opportunity to succeed and be a source of hope for a child. You give them an opportunity for an education, good food, clothing and the nurture needed for positive development.

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India Partners
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