Education is Empowering Joy to Follow her Dreams


Joy was born in August 2007 into a very poor home. She is an only child and she lost her father at a young age. She lives with her mom in a single room in the Regent community in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Access to clean water and electricity continues to be a challenge for her community.

Joy has been part of the Develop Africa sponsorship program for the past thirteen years. She is currently attending the Methodist Girls High School and she is about to start her second year of Senior Secondary School (SSS3).

Joy’s mother became sick in the spring, which caused temporary paralysis. She is now able to talk and can stand, but is unable to walk making it impossible for her to work. Every morning Joy helps her mom before going to school, but her mom's illness has made her even more determined to complete her education. She hopes to become a Medical Doctor so she can help the sick people in her community.

Develop Africa is confident that Joy will be a future medical doctor thanks to her commitment and because generous donors like you are supporting Develop Africa's education program.

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