Employment and Training Program

395 People Were Provided With Employment Training Services

Six years ago, my life turned upside down. I had been working at Target and enjoying my job, a single mom with three boys trying to make ends meet and give my family a good life. Then I was shot in the stomach. I had to learn new skills in order to work again. Someone told me about the Goodwill Job skills program and I got so much more from it than just learning new skills. The staff there brightened my days...On days when I felt like my disability meant I can't do things the way I used to, they always made me realize I can. They cared about me and we all cared about each other. My life may be different than it was six years ago, but I can never thank the staff at Goodwill enough for caring about me and encouraging me when I needed it the most.

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United Way of Southwest Alabama
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Together We Change Lives, Together We Save Lives
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United Way of Southwest Alabama Employee