Even the most vulnerable can be a hero

BLOCKS Conducts Earthquake Training for Childcare and Preschool Programs

BLOCKS believes even the smallest person can make a difference. A geography lesson about tsunamis helped ten-year old Tilly Smith save lives. Severe weather training helped 6-year-old Emily Rusnak take her baby sister to safety in the basement before a tree crashed through the roof during a derecho.

BLOCKS has conducted earthquake safety training for more that 1,300 kids in the local community. This training is provided to childcare and preschool programs free of cost. Books on earthquake safety are donated to children in pre-K programs so that the message gets to families. If we teach the children how to be safe and make ‘safe’ choices we increase the odds should an earthquake or other disaster occur.

BLOCKS believes enabling the children helps build resilient communities. Your donation through the CFC really could help us save lives.

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Martha & Mary KIDS child Care Center in Poulsbo rush to take cover under tables after learning how to be prepared for an earthquake
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The Seattle Times