Extra care is here when they need it

When Miss Pepper needed extra care, the Montgomery County Humane Society was there to provide it.

My name is Miss Pepper. I’m four years old, and I’m writing to ask for your help.

A few months ago, a nice person found me wandering the streets of western Maryland and took me to a shelter. The shelter folks were great, but it was very crowded, and more of us showed up every day. They had more animals than they could handle, so they called my new friends at the Montgomery County Humane Society.

MCHS takes in hundreds of cats and dogs from public shelters each year. Thanks to gifts from friends like you, they can give us the care we need and help us find new homes.

In addition to safety, food and shelter, we all get life-saving vaccines, microchips and TLC. If needed, we are spayed or neutered at Hanna’s Clinic, which is run by MCHS. We also get plenty of play time, dogs get walks in the sunshine, and we all get enrichment from the nice staff and volunteers.

Your generosity also gives pets like me get the special medical care we need. When I arrived, MCHS discovered that I had stomatitis in my mouth, and it was a very painful. Some cats with my condition are angry because they’re in so much pain, but not me. I knew that MCHS was here to help me. They took me to a specialist for the dental surgery I needed, which is getting much better as I heal. The public shelter couldn’t afford my surgery, but because incredible supporters, MCHS could.

At the beginning of September, MCHS took me to a follow-up appointment, and they needed to do some laser treatments. That’s why I’m wearing these adorable goggles in the photo! I’m happy to report that the surgery and treatments work, I’m as happy as ever and now cuddled on a couch in my new home! It’s great.

Please consider supporting my friends at MCHS, CFC #54823, so that others can get the care (and new homes!) they need.

CFC #54823

Charity Name
Montgomery County Humane Society
Photo Caption
Miss Pepper wearing the laser proof goggles that protected her during surgery.
Photo Credit
Cris Bombaugh