Farming support for children of prisoners

Sylidio in Rwanda, farming support

Prison Fellowship Rwanda hosts training in farming for families of prisoners. Though geared toward caregivers, 13-year-old Sylidio, a child enrolled in our Children of Prisoners Program, participated in the training. He shared how the training changed his outlook on life: “My father has farmed for as long as I can remember. He works hard so we can have a better life. Once, when my father went to a Prison Fellowship Rwanda farming training, I came with him. While there, I got the idea to raise rabbits. I asked my father about it, and he gave me a rabbit. Eventually, my small business began to pay off when I started selling baby rabbits. I used the money to buy clothes for me and my siblings. It worked and I want to do it again.” Sylidio had been interested in his father’s work, but with this training, farming as a future became real to him. “I am young, yes, but I know a lot about farming. I can tell you where you can invest down in the valley. I know how much land costs and how much you need to invest to make a profit. This has been our life. You are now part of our life. That training changed my life.”

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Prison Fellowship International
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Prison Fellowship Rwanda