Funding for our Feline Friends in Need

Photo of a cat wrapped in blankets wearing a surgical cone and stitches

When a pet suffers a tragic accident or sudden health issue, we must act fast – after all, their lives are at stake. Such is the case with kitty Claus. Claus’ owner was devastated when a family member she was caring for who has Alzheimer’s left the door ajar enough for Claus to sneak out. Being an indoor cat, he was scared and ran off. Immediately the search began to get him back to safety. They found him within a half hour under a bush, but they were horrified when they saw him. He suffered a horrible accident in the very short time he was out. He was in such severe condition, they feared he was dead. He was rushed to emergency care where he was diagnosed with severe facial injuries, trauma to his eye and a broken jaw. 

Already struggling to survive on a fixed income with a large family to care for, his owner had no idea where she would get the funds to cover his emergency treatment, so she sacrificed her rent to cover his initial evaluation and stabilization. The news she feared came when they said she would need over $5,000 to save his life. Desperate, she contacted a CFC-funded animal welfare organization. After many phone calls, Claus was transferred to a different emergency care facility where the organization covered the costs for his evaluation with the surgeon. Through additional testing and x-rays it was determined the only way to save Claus was to reset his jaw. The CFC organization covered all costs and he had surgery that day, including placing a feeding tube while his jaw healed. If it wasn’t for this surgery this sweet black and white tuxedo kitty would have lost his life. He now has a second chance at a very bright long life.  

Charity Name
Feline Friends in Need