Helping Those Who Have Helped Us

Abolere is dedicated to abolishing forced labor in U.S. government contracts.
Currently we are helping a group of workers from another country who protected U.S. soldiers at a military installation overseas. These workers even took part in a 48-hour firefight against those seeking to harm U.S. soldiers. They served us and our nation. Now it is our turn to help them. Our waiting list of specific workers includes a group of laborers from yet another country who helped us and now need our help. The Combined Federal Program and your donation can take our efforts to greater heights as we help those who have served our nation yet need us now.
Abolere’s success can be partially attributed to the fact that our approach is unique and multifaceted. We seek to eradicate this form of inhumanity from multiple avenues. Where possible, we seek justice for the victims of this form of human trafficking to make them whole again. In addition to helping specific victims, we seek to create an awareness of this prolific form of inhumanity. Most Americans are unaware that their tax dollars are directly funding forced labor. While shining a disinfecting light on this little-known but common problem, we also collaborate with others around the world to help provide contractors with solutions so they can ensure that forced labor does not take place in their U.S. government contracts.
Forced labor in U.S. government contracts violates U.S. and international laws, U.S. Presidential Executive Orders as well as U.S. government contracts. Each year approximately 100,000 foreign laborers who serve our citizens overseas can be affected. This is not consumer-related forced labor. This involves the illegal use of American taxpayer dollars to directly fund forced labor. Many have spoken out concerning this evil, including those elected to Congress. Yet the problem remains little-known among Americans. Visit us at for more information.
Ours is not the only country in which forced labor exists in government contracts. Abolere can help other countries by example as well as by seeking, finding and sharing solutions. While eradicating this form of force labor presents many challenges, we at Abolere believe it is possible for this form of human trafficking to be eradicated within ten years. With your help, forced labor in U.S. government contracts can soon be relegated to the pages of history books!

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