Honoring the Legacy of our Greatest Generation

Give to Honor Their Legacy

Our great country is filled with beautiful museums, but Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is the only one that sits on Ford Island, America’s WWII aviation battlefield. On December 7, 1941, the very grounds on which we are located became the site of the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor.

Each year, first hand memories of the December 7, 1941 attack grow dimmer. Yet the lessons learned, the strength and resilience of the American spirit that followed, remain vital – we must all remember Pearl Harbor.

Our museum survives today to share its stories, to celebrate our WWII heroes, and to educate the next generation about what took place here at Pearl Harbor and over the waters of the Pacific. Our exhibits and programs highlight the devastation of war and showcase the emerging story of national resilience, can do attitude, and innovative spirit that followed.

Your contribution through the CFC will make it possible for us to not only share the legacy of our Greatest Generation with all who visit, but to also use these lessons and personal stories of our past to inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow.

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Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
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Late Pearl Harbor Survivor Dick Girocco volunteered with Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum for a number of years, where he shared his story and love for his country.
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Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum