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Owen riding at AWH

Here is a Parent Testimonial on how AHEAD With Horses improves lives:

Thank you for choosing us to have the privilege of riding your horses. Our 11 year-old son has recently begun riding with AHEAD With Horses after moving to Los Angeles over a year ago. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our son was riding horses for over seven years in New York City. We were terribly missing the therapeutic exercise and enjoyment from riding horses, and thrilled to find it here!

Our son, Owen, finds so much joy in riding horses. Since he is unable to walk independently, riding a horse moves his body in a way similar to the human gait, which is important for him to experience. We have found that riding horses has helped with his flexibility, posture, and core muscle strength. It is truly amazing that we have found this type of therapy that he enjoys, and is equally familiar with. In addition to the physical benefits, we have found that it helps him socially and psychologically, along with bolstering his confidence. Riding horses inspires our son to try new things in life and encourages him to say yes more, rather than no. We often find that he experiences less anxiety after his horse riding sessions.

Right after his first time riding Berit, as Owen dismounted, he was immediately beaming with the biggest smile and proclaiming the whole car ride home how happy he was, and couldn't wait to return next time. Children with special needs often have difficulty navigating life, physically and/or emotionally. A unique organization like AHEAD With Horses provides that assurance and courage to individuals just like our child, and strengthens their tenacity and lifts their spirits, to take on the unique circumstances life brings their way.

Sincere thanks,

Cynthia and Justin, parents to Owen

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AHEAD With Horses Inc
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Owen G., using the ring and pole while riding on therapy horse Justin.
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AHEAD With Horses