How Voicecorps helps the community

Jane S., Columbus: “I have listened to some very good Morning Exchange programs recently. One, program on Voicecorps had a psychologist interviewed who helped us with ideas on how to stay busy during the shutdown, and also how to cope with stress. I would be lost without Voicecorps. I turn it on first thing every morning and listen to the newspaper. Voicecorps kept me educated on what was closing and what was opening up during the shutdown.”
Mary K., West Columbus: “I actually have been listening to Voicecorps and I have heard the City of Columbus Town Hall meetings. I also tuned in to listen to Amy Billerman interview Columbus City Council President Hardin. I think it’s real important to have that access, because then I feel connected to Columbus and what is going on. Hearing from President Hardin was helpful.”
Mike R., Clintonville/Columbus: “We read the paper with Voicecorps, so I listen to the Columbus Dispatch, the Clintonville Booster and the Wall Street Journal, too. We don’t feel as confined when we have this information available to us.” He also said that having the newspaper read on Voicecorps means less need to go outside to find out from others what
is happening.
Gail B., Columbus: “With everything in the news about the virus, it Is kind of nice to have Voicecorps where we can get away from the virus news and worries. God love the volunteers who keep reading for us. They’re taking their volunteerism very seriously.”

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