Karley's Story

Helping Hawaii's Children Fighting Cancer

My daughter, Karley Kaohekahewai Alani, is a thriving, beautiful 8-year-old. Her cancer journey
began three years ago when we found out at an ER visit that she had a mass. The mass turned out to be
ganglioneuroblastoma. She was also diagnosed with OMA’s or opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome. Karley
has been through several minor surgeries and one major surgery since her diagnosis. The question she
asks is “why her”. I have no words or answers to give her, but I do offer hope, faith and love. Our family
will be by her side as we face these obstacles together. She is an amazing girl that has a strong will to
overcome odds and adversity.

HCCF has helped us tremendously over the last three years. Not only financially, but mentally
and emotionally as well. Just knowing that we had their support to help cover some of our expenses,
gave me a peace of mind and allowed me to focus on Karley and being by her bedside. HCCF has also
helped to support Karley by providing online access to activities and interaction with other Hawaii
families facing the same hardships. Being able to see her smile through it all gives me strength and so
much joy. If I could say one thing to a family reading this, I would say “you are not alone”. You have a
community here to support you through this, use every resource you have available. Faith makes things
possible, not necessarily easy.

To the many generous donors and volunteers at HCCF, I want to say “Mahalo!” Please continue
to support HCCF so that they can continue to support children here in Hawaii. The possibilities are
endless if we give from the heart. The smile you can help put on a child's face has no price tag but can
get them through a time in their life that a smile was all they needed to survive their journey.

This is just one story, from one family, there are many more like ours. If Karley’s story can
influence others to help support this great organization, I know we have made a difference. To Karley’s
family and friends, I would like to thank you for your continued support, prayers, love and hope.

The Alani Family

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Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation
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