Keith's Story

One of Many Happy Recipients

Keith is a marine veteran and has been struggling a lot recently. On paper, he makes enough to not qualify for most forms of aid, however due to not receiving his Covid stipends due to complications, he hasn’t been able to make ends meet. He visited several other pantries but did not qualify. His Veteran Resource Specialist recommended him come to us. He came in, got registered and while waiting on his food, a volunteer heard that he was a veteran and struck up a conversation with him, swapping stories. Later at the register, he and Von got into a whole conversation as well. When he came to pick up his food, he thanked us and stated that it was super hard for him to come in and ask for help, however, it was the first time in a long time where he felt so appreciated and affirmed for his service. He said he came in feeling ashamed and left feeling proud and that that meant the world to him!

Charity Name
House of Mercy
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One of our staff after putting together a cart full of food for a family in need
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Ryan Walker