Kimberly Malan's Story

Kimberly Malan - SOCT Athlete

Special Olympics has had a HUGE impact on my life.
Over the past 23 years, I have grown as an athlete. Special Olympics offers a variety of
sports to participate in. My first sport I competed in was softball - I LOVE baseball so
this was great. Then I was offered to play basketball and loved it. I never thought I’d
enjoy being out in the cold and snow until I began snowshoeing. Next I decided to try
track and field. The best part of Special Olympics is they have many different sports
competing at the same time of the year so if you want to try a new sport you can. I
switched from softball to croquet and this will be my first year switching from basketball
to bowling. Besides being given the opportunity to play and compete, I have been given
the chance to make a lot of new friends - both athletes and partners. We may be
competitors on the field but off the field we are lifelong friends.
Being a Global Messenger has inspired me to become a great leader and a role model. I
enjoy telling everyone how much fun Special Olympics is while meeting new people.
Being a Health Leader has increased my knowledge in making healthy food choices,
remembering to drink throughout the day and exercising everyday. My daily goal is to
get 10,000 steps while I try to keep my stamina up when I am walking.
Special Olympics has also given me the opportunity to not only be an athlete but to also
become a member of their volunteer medical team. I am proud of how I was able to
increase my knowledge of first aid, CPR and AED. I enjoy using my medical skills to help
the athletes who need medical help. I became interested in the medical field because my
4 brothers work in the medical field and after being partners on my team throughout
their education years, they have continued to volunteer with Special Olympics as the
medical team.
Being a member on the SO CT Board of Directors has given me the opportunity to
represent all athletes as we wish to have our voices heard for inclusion.
I am very thankful for Special Olympics because it has given me countless opportunities,
experiences and lifetime memories.

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Special Olympics Connecticut
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Kimberly Malan - SOCT Athlete
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