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Lindsey came to the Haven in the summer of 2021. She was nearly 8 months pregnant and with no job, no home, and a pandemic to further complicate things, she was terrified about what she would do when the baby came. She had tried staying with the father of her unborn child, but he was abusive and actively using and dealing drugs. In fact, Lindsey often felt safer on the streets than in his apartment. But she knew that with a baby on the way – and coming soon – she would need someplace safe, warm, and permanent to raise her son.
Not knowing where else to turn, Lindsey reached out for help at a local social service agency. She found a counselor and confided in her about her living situation. It was then that she was referred to the Haven.
The day she moved in, Lindsey felt safe for the first time in over a year. She was welcomed in to a warm and cozy home. There was food to eat, a bedroom of her own, and caring staff ready and willing to help. As soon as she was settled in, Lindsey’s Case Manager helped her make an appointment at the health department to make sure that she and the baby were healthy. Lindsey made a list of everything she would need for her new baby and even started on her job search.
In August, Lindsey welcomed her little one – a happy and healthy baby boy. The Haven and our volunteers/donors made sure that she had everything they would need – clothing, a crib, and even his favorite bottles and formula. Lindsey and her son spent several weeks bonding and establishing a routine, but all the while, Lindsey kept on with her job search and making plans for their future.
Soon, Lindsey found a job and was able to work out childcare. It was tough to make the transition, but Lindsey was determined to build a life for her family. Lindsey stayed at the Haven for about six months while she adjusted to being a new mom, established herself at work, and saved every penny she could.
Today, Lindsey and her son live in their very own apartment. Because of her connections at the Haven, she was able to qualify for a housing voucher that will allow her to live in any apartment of her choice, but at a rent that is affordable for her family. She and her son will never have to be homeless again.
This was only possible because of your support. THANK YOU for helping Lindsey, and all of our residents, get a fresh start. They are forever grateful.

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Empowering homeless women and their children to achieve permanent, independent living.
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