Letter from a Pittsburgh Fisher House guest

Pittsburgh Fisher House

Pittsburgh Fisher House
I am so grateful for the Fisher House, for all its amenities, and for the kind and caring staff available. It has provided me with
peace of mind and comfort during a very difficult time.
In March of 2020, my husband of now 44 years received a diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver, end stage (non-alcoholic). He had
just retired, and I was still working. As his health further declined over that year and the next and with the ensuing
hospitalizations, I made the decision to retire in May of 2021, to help care for him. In September of 2021, my husband was again
hospitalized at the Pittsburgh VA. It has been eleven months now and my husband remains in the hospital waiting for a
While the VA doctors and nurses are providing my husband with excellent care and the staff has been wonderful, for which I
want to thank them, this has been a very stressful time. I not only worry about my husband’s health and prognosis, but also
about being able to stay near him to provide the love and support he needs. We live in a small town 181 miles north of Pittsburgh,
a four-hour ride, so driving back and forth to be with my husband is not physically or financially feasible.
Being a guest at the Fisher House has made all the difference. I no longer need to worry about where I will stay, if I will be safe, or
if I have enough money. I feel blessed to have such beautiful accommodations at no cost. My room is warm and comfortable, there
is food available, and laundry facilities. It is like a home away from home. After a long day at the hospital, I can return to my
room and relax and regroup for another day. Here I have met other guests who are experiencing similar situations and have been
encouraged by their stories. The managers and staff are so wonderful. They are both knowledgeable and helpful. This is a great
relief for someone who doesn’t know the city or the intricacies of the hospital.
I will be forever thankful for the Fisher House and for those who make such a place possible. Their generosity has allowed me to
concentrate on what is most important to me - the care of my husband.
May God Bless,

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Friends of the Pittsburgh Fisher House
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Housing the families of our Veterans while their loved one is at the VA hospital in PIttsburgh
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