Life Changing Surgery Restores Sight

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Patrons for Peace Project Inc. is very happy to report that we were able to help a homeless man who was blind have eye surgeries to restore his vision.
Many homeless individuals reported they were watching over this man in the streets and were very concerned for his well-being. The blind gentleman was leery at first to trust us but eventually entered a nine-month-long process of what was needed to help him.
This involved working with Health Care for The Homeless and the Wilmer Eye Clinic. We had to get assistance with getting grants to pay for the multiple surgeries that were needed, secure transportation with our driver, provide a hotel room where he could convalesce, and eventually placed him in a rehabilitation program.
We are so thrilled to report he is doing well and very grateful that he can finally see.

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Patrons For Peace Project, LLC
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Patron For Peace , INC.