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POGO: The People's Watchdog

POGO was co-founded in 1981 by trailblazer and Pentagon whistleblower, Ernie Fitzgerald who understood the significance of people powered accountability. Our investigations into waste, fraud, corruption, and abuse of power allow us to find deficiencies in federal government policies, programs, and projects. Much of our focus is where government and powerful private interests intersect, a nexus where corruption and abuse of power can thrive if oversight isn’t strong. We have worked on investigations with insiders from across the federal government, including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, FDA, Interior, Health and Human Services, NIH, Veterans Affairs, Justice, State, and other agencies.

Our reputation as a nonpartisan nonprofit watchdog has made us a trusted resource among government insiders and decision makers from both sides of the aisle, enabling us to work toward solutions to the problems facing our nation's democracy.

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The Project On Government Oversight
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We spearhead whistleblower protection and reform and work with government insiders in order to provide solutions to a stronger democracy for all
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Renzo Velez, POGO