Meet Lincoln!

Meet Lincoln

Monday, November 7, 2016, at 2:33PM, our family’s life changed forever. We patiently waited to see if we were adding a little brother or a little sister to our family. After three boys, we were finally giving them a sister! Though, the excitement quickly faded to anxiety, fear, and chaos. Immediately, Lincoln was rushed outside the room to be resuscitated. She was completely lifeless. She was rushed to the NICU by the nurses, then put into hypothermia to preserve her brain tissue. Not long after, the NICU doctor came into my delivery room and asked us many questions. From what we could tell, everything should have been normal. So the tests began. Our doctor reiterated numerous times that her situation was dire and there was a high probability she would not survive, but he also ensured us they were doing everything they could for our new daughter. After a couple of days of extensive tests, her doctor determined that we had experienced a fetal-maternal transfusion, which means that her blood had leaked back into my body. Her blood count was dangerously low, and my blood had a significant presence of fetal cells. This meant she wasn’t receiving blood to her brain for an unknown period of time. She was given a full-body blood exchange when she was three days old. This meant her body was drained of the blood she did have, while new blood was pumped into her body simultaneously. The first month of her life was spent in the NICU and was very touch and go, but she fought so hard, and survived. While in the NICU, we were told she would never eat on her own, talk or walk, and that she would live in a vegetative state. Those words rocked our world, but we had faith that Lincoln would prove them wrong. I’m not sure if it is one stubborn little girl, one stubborn mom, or a combination of the two, but so far, she has defied all odds and has done everything the doctors said she wouldn’t. While in the NICU, we were told to tour the Little Light House and get on the waitlist. I had no idea at the time what LLH was or how crucial of a role they play in our community for children with special needs. I called, had a tour, and got Lincoln on the waitlist in January of 2017. We spent the next three years in anticipation for the call that Lincoln was off of the waitlist and had a spot in a classroom. Then it happened, we got the call and Lincoln was placed in a classroom. While on the waitlist, we were a part of the pilot program for LLH’s new Early Intervention program. Those classes were extremely beneficial in getting to know Little Light House and getting Lincoln acquainted with a classroom. I’ll always be thankful for that opportunity, and of all of the families waiting to get in, we were chosen for the program. Lincoln is at Little Light House full time, and I’ve seen so many changes in her personality and demeanor. Her vocabulary has improved, her physical abilities continue to improve, and she’s less shy than she was before attending, albeit she is still timid. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities Little Light House provides for Lincoln. Right now, we are most thankful for her access to Trexo Robotics. It’s a robotic attachment to a Rifton Pacer, a gait trainer Lincoln uses for assistance in walking. The Trexo mimics the correct walking pattern for kids who may not have the ability to do that for themselves. It also provides valuable data like how many steps they take in total, how many actions they initiate themselves, how much weight they’re bearing through their legs, etc. It is a crucial piece of equipment! We are so very thankful for Little Light House. There is truly nothing like walking into a place that you know your child is loved on and prayed for, especially when you have a child that isn’t like everybody else. Written by: Lauren George, Little Light House Mom

Through your generosity, you are touching the lives of Lincoln and her family, and also the other 115 children who participate in our Developmental Center program at the Little Light House. Thank you for your support!

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Little Light House, Inc.
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Picture of Lincoln Using a Trexo, a gait training device
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