Mentor-Mentee Spotlight

SLM Mentor and Mentee

Mentoring is critical for youth in foster care. Silver Lining Mentoring is proud to share this recent reflection from mentee, Deavonie:

“I have been a mentee for three years now. My foster care experience has been up and down. It can be a crazy experience for a lot of individuals. On the bright side it can be a very big blessing. A lot of kids need it, and I was a kid that did. Having someone alongside you on this journey, or meeting someone and creating a new journey, is always a great experience. If you have the opportunity to pair with a mentor that helps you have someone to feel like you’re not alone, because a lot of us who come from foster care don’t really have anyone.

My mentor is supportive. He’s there for me whether that’s emotional, just someone to talk to, advice, or knowledge. He’s very authentic, knowledgeable, and a good teacher. We have all these crazy things, jobs, family, friends, situations, relationships, and sometimes it’s good to be part of a community that’s doing good not only for you but for each other, and that’s what Silver Lining Mentoring is. SLM goes out of their way to let me and my mentor know that they are here for us, and that’s cool.

What my mentor has brought into my life that I didn’t have before was someone I could trust. Not only helping me with things I’m going to be dealing with in life, but my own thoughts and emotions. Someone I could talk to not just about “getting things done.” If I am having a bad day or feeling weird about a situation, I can always call him.”

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Silver Lining Mentoring
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SLM mentor, Deavonie, and mentor, Keith
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