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Crimson gets love from the children

A Lifetime Commitment

Success in the dog rescue business is typically claimed when a dog is adopted into a loving home where the certainty of a healthy and happy life is all but assured. But this isn’t always the case at Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR).

Crimson was a stray who was picked up and brought to a shelter. Once there she waited patiently for her owner but no one came to pick her up. When contacted by the shelter for help, MAGSR stepped up and took Crimson into our care. This was in October of 2020. At first glance she was what we would call a short-timer because she was a stunningly beautiful and apparently healthy German Shepherd and such dogs typically leave us quickly. That impression changed dramatically when we learned that Crimson suffers from a serious medical condition.
Diagnosed with “megacolon” which can best be described as chronic constipation, Crimson is unable to efficiently remove waste from her body thus causing involuntary bowel movements. This can be uncomfortable as her bowel movements only occur when her colon overfills and forces the excess waste to be excreted in order to release the pressure. Although she is able to produce some formed stool, Crimson does have residual leakage and if not kept clean, her back-end can become inflamed and infected. Thankfully, she does have full control over her bladder and is able to wait until she’s outside to urinate.

Over a period of several months Crimson’s veterinarian, internal medicine specialist and surgeons worked to find a solution which included surgery to bypass her colon but unfortunately this option was deemed not viable due to loss of muscle control in her back-end. Crimson has gotten some relief through a prescription diet and medicine but we now know that she will always be a high maintenance and high cost “medical” dog.

Crimson’s life changed in a big way in May of 2021 when a truly exceptional family took her in as a foster. They diligently administer her medication three times a day, provide as-needed cleaning of her back-end for sanitary purposes and bathe her at least twice per week. While initially a little shy, Crimson has become a social butterfly and has adjusted well to her new life and is thoroughly enjoying being spoiled by her foster family. She has not one, but two beds to call her own and loves watching her big screen TV (aka window) which is always on and always interesting.

Crimson has a daily routine that starts at 6:00 am with breakfast, medicine, a quick trip outside, and then a short nap. If she has an accident her fosters make sure to clean her up right away. She takes several walks per day in a park across from her home and has even learned how to relieve herself in the yard. Crimson has learned several tricks, has made some furry friends and simply adores children. She has certainly gotten plenty of love and most certainly deserves it.
While Crimson’s fosters exercise, socialize, train, and administer her care they are unable to pay for her expenses. In the almost two years since we acquired Crimson, MAGSR has spent over $20,000 and it’s all been well worth it. And we will continue to provide for her for as long as it takes - even if that means the rest of her life. Though it’s true that Crimson isn’t yet in her forever home, we consider her story a success: from her perspective life is amazing and that’s all that really matters. We see a dog who’s quality of life has improved and who exudes life, love and happiness. Crimson loves everyone and everything and is beautiful inside and out.
It is well known that dogs love humans unconditionally. At MAGSR, we like to think that that commitment goes both ways.

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Crimson gets love from the children
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