Mobilizing the Caring Power of Volunteers

Day of Caring

United Way or Butte and Anaconda is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. Volunteers determine how our funds are distributed amongst programs seeking support. This year we have had eleven local non-profits, governed by a Board of Directors, who have been allocated support for our 22-23 fiscal year. Our community events would not be possible without volunteers. In January our volunteers are asked to provided ingredients and assemble sacks of soup during our Stone Soup event, which are then distributed by our local food banks. In March they are asked to provide games and crafts, based on a theme, for elementary grade students during our Day of the Child. In June they put on the work gloves and provide “sweat equity” during our Day of Caring. They become “Shopping Buddies” for our Dress a Child event, where each school age child, from a low income family, shops one-on-one with their “Buddy” for new clothes to begin the new school year. In December volunteers are asked to share a holiday story, with pre-school children at local day-cares, during our Twelve Days of Christmas Readings.

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United Way of Butte and Anaconda
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Volunteers at any age !
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