Nadia's Story - Binding Up the Brokenhearted

Nadia with two orphaned children

Nadiia’s heart was broken. Her father was sent to prison, and she and two of her siblings were separated….placed in different orphanages. Her mother had made a promise to come and get them but that promise was never kept. How could she possibly trust anyone?

By the time Nadiia graduated the orphanage, she was an angry, bitter, hard hearted teenager. Who wouldn’t be? She went to live in a Heart for Orphan’s Transition Home because she had no place else to go. It was there that she was introduced to Christ. Every day, Nadiia saw the love that her housemother had for Christ and, although she was still very angry, her heart slowly began to soften. As her housemother showed Nadiia the love, compassion, and grace that she desperately needed and desired, something started to change inside of her…she began to trust. Maybe someone did love her? Maybe she did have value? As she slowly invited the Lord in, her hope and her faith began to grow, and the trajectory of her life began to change!

Today, Nadiia is a missionary in Kenya. She is working with children and young adults, showing them love, compassion, and grace every day, just as her housemother showed her! A disciple making disciples. Binding up the brokenhearted.

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Heart for Orphans
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Heart for Orphans