Neighbor Ride Volunteers Are Like Family

Volunteers Drive - Seniors Thrive

Donna became a part of the Neighbor Ride family in
2015 - using our service to get to a fairly typical
variety of medical and physical therapy appointments.
The summer of 2017, however, brought a new
challenge. Donna's kidneys were failing. Placed on a
transplant list, she faced months on dialysis. But she
wasn’t alone. Neighbor Ride's volunteer drivers, who
had already fallen in love with the fun and feisty 68
year old, rallied to ensure that week after week, she
was able to get the life-sustaining treatment she
needed. 107 rides later, Donna's prayers were
answered and she successfully received a new
kidney. Volunteers had jokingly "fought" over taking
her last few dialysis rides as they vied for an
opportunity to see their special friend before her
transplant surgery. Today though they're happy to be
taking her to those fairly typical appointments once
again - enjoying spirited conversations and quite a bit
of laughter along the way.

Charity Name
Neighbor Ride, Inc.
Photo Caption
Neighbor Ride's volunteers provide the "wheels" that help seniors stay health, independent, and connected to the community.
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Neighbor Ride