New Lung Cancer Treatments Give Brandi Hope

Meet a Face of Change: Lung Cancer Patient/Advocate Brandi Bryant

A persistent cough told Brandi that it was time to visit her primary care physician. Several tests and doctor visits later, Brandi got her diagnosis: Stage 3B ALK+ lung cancer. At the time, Brandi was a 38-year-old mother of four, working as a contractor for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). She has never smoked. But, she said, “I had no clue - None! - that non-smokers could get lung cancer! I had breast cancer on my radar!” The truth is that lung cancer surpassed breast cancer as the leading cancer killer among women in 1987.

Today, Brandi is on an effective oral medication for her lung cancer. This new treatment was made possible through advances in lung cancer research.

Lung Cancer Foundation America funds lung cancer research so that more patients like Brandi can find effective treatments. It’s no secret that scientific research takes time and money. Unfortunately, lung cancer research is significantly underfunded. ​​In 2022, lung cancer is expected to take 3 times more lives than breast cancer. Yet breast cancer receives more than 5 times as much federal funding per life lost as lung cancer.

You can be the face of change for people living with lung cancer. Your contribution can help fund new research to help people like Brandi manage their lung cancer — or even cure it. Use our code 94443 to become a Face of Change for lung cancer patients everywhere.

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Portrait photo of the beautiful face of Brandi Bryant who is living with lung cancer.
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