Nourishing Our Neighbors!

Nourishing Our Neighbors

The mission of Feeding Southwest Virginia, a food bank, is to nourish our neighbors, engage our community partners, and develop solutions to address food insecurity. We believe access to nutritious food is a cornerstone to human potential. We succeed by engaging our communities; we embrace diversity of thought, programs, and people; and we understand that as the needs of our neighbors evolve, so must we.

Feeding SWVA serves 26 counties and nine cities across the region, including Salem, Roanoke, Abingdon, Martinsville, and the New River Valley. In Southwest Virginia, 144,060 individuals are at risk of hunger according to 2020 data from Feeding America's Map the Meal Gap study. In fiscal year 2021, Feeding SWVA distributed over 22 million pounds of food. The equivalent value of groceries Feeding SWVA distributed in FY2021 was $31,385,902. Feeding SWVA is a member of Feeding America and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, and it is uniquely positioned to serve those facing hunger in a broad scope. Feeding SWVA provides food and resources to 387 partner feeding programs, such as such as food pantries, mobile food programs, children’s programs, and programs for seniors. Feeding SWVA has been fighting hunger since 1981, and it serves its 12,400 sq. mile region through two distribution centers in Salem and Abingdon and the Community Solutions Center in Roanoke.

For every dollar donated, Feeding Southwest Virginia can help provide 5 meals to our neighbors.

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