Opening of New Family Market

Family Market

BackPack Beginnings' mission is to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need. We have recently opened a Family Market where families needing resources can come to our warehouse to pick the items they need in a welcoming environment that focuses on dignity of choice. The market provides tangible, basic necessities to local children and families, including food, children's clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, children's books, toys, household goods, diapers, baby accessories and more. One family said, "This was a wonderful experience and our family was provided for in ways that I did not expect. The staff and volunteers were very helpful and caring. They took time to help each of my children with things they needed and things they wanted". In the 2 months since it opened, we have grown from serving 30 families in the first month to 90 in the 3rd month. We look forward to continuing to serve more and more families each month. You can learn more at

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BackPack Beginnings
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Reading area in BackPack Beginnings' Family Market
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